Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO)

At Kavaliro we develop Recruitment Process Outsourcing solutions that are implemented and developed to address your specific talent and business needs. With over 20 years of expertise in RPO, our industry experts have the background to customize any process to make sure that all solutions we provide fully supports our clients. Being that all our RPO solutions are tailored to each client you can come to expect the following in our approach to creating a solution for you.

Client Specific Solution Design: We develop a solution that broadens your options for finding and managing talent, forecasting future needs, and balancing headcount. We work with you to create a strategy covering all phases of the talent recruitment process. Kavaliro has contractors working in over 40 states and with branch offices located nationwide we have the ability and expertise to provide a truly all-encompassing recruitment process. With our agile and flexible processes, we can develop solutions that can be on site, off site, or a hybrid of both.

Sourcing to each client’s needs: Kavaliro works closely with every client to gather specific educational and experience requirements for their technical environment. Knowing that it isn’t always about what’s on paper, Kavaliro pays special attention to the candidate’s technical skills, organizational experience and environmental understanding to ensure that each candidate is a cultural fit for the organization as well. The recruiters use all of this information to screen applicants while building an active pipeline of professional talent for each client.

Screening Process: Kavaliro applies a strict quality control process called “Zero Defect Facility” to all personnel placements in a customer organization. “Zero Defect Facility” consists of numerous “screening filters” that ensure only the most qualified candidates meet our discriminators and serve our customers. Our Resource Managers strictly adhere to this required process, which includes the following screening filters:

Verification of Certifications and Accreditations: Kavaliro verifies all certifications and accredited degrees prior to conducting a technical interview with the candidate.

References Checks: Kavaliro checks at least three references from past supervisors for each candidate.

Resource Manager’s conduct Skype interviews with candidates. Kavaliro would also conduct any appropriate skills testing at this point as well (via ProveIT or our SME).

Technical Testing: Kavaliro has access to thousands of technical assessment tests and will further qualify candidates using these tests to ensure their résumé accurately represents their skills

Diversity: Kavaliro recognizes the importance of being an inclusive and equal-opportunity company, and therefore constantly embraces and learns from the diversity within the workplace and the markets the firm serves. Essential to the company mission, Kavaliro credits diversity for the increase in effectiveness while serving its customers and partners. As a Minority Women-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) certified by the Florida Minority Supplier Development Council (NMSDC), Kavaliro prides itself in fostering mutually beneficial relationships among various other equal-opportunity firms in the United States. In addition, this allows our clients to increase their diversity spend by partnering with Kavaliro.

Client Brand Development: Kavaliro is uniquely equipped to help you create and build an employer brand that attracts and engages the talent your organization needs to be successful. We help you assess your reputation in the market, understand your target talent, and put your brand to work for you. From strategy, employee value proposition development and brand education, to creative and execution, we can help you turn your employer brand into a recruiting and competitive advantage.

Analytics:  Kavaliro provides a dedicated resource to providing excellent reporting for each client so they are fully involved and have qualitative metrics on our process. This resource would be responsible for delivering the following reports described below as well as any other requested reports.

Executive Summary Report: On a monthly basis, prepare and deliver an Executive Summary Report, which shall include the following information:

A detailed analysis of the total number of Work Orders received, total Work Orders filled, and length of time to fill the Work Orders

A detailed list of all active Contingent Workers, broken down by department and cost center, and shall also include the Assignment position, Assignment start date, anticipated Assignment termination date, and corresponding hourly rate

A detailed summary of weekly invoices for all active Assignments, broken down by department and cost.

Operational Efficiency Report: On a monthly basis, prepare and deliver an Operational Efficiency Report, which shall include the following information:

An analysis of the total number of Contingent Workers (if any) that were converted to a employees. Included in this analysis shall be the duration of the Contingent Worker’s Assignment prior to Conversion to a client’s employee;

An analysis of the total number of unfilled Work Orders and a written description listing the reasons why the Work Orders were not filled

An analysis of the total number of Assignments, broken down by the department and position. This analysis shall identify if the Assignment is new, the duration of the Assignment, and shall include all Assignments that were terminated, including those terminated within the first day.